I was over the moon with NYC Assistants work. My husband and I needed some gifts wrapped and delievered for the holidays. It was exactly what we wanted. So pleased.


~~ Jennifer Milon, Midtown, NYC


I recently had my Christmas Holiday Party coming up and needed my dress tailored for the next day. I contacted NYC Assistants and told them my situation. They came right away and dropped off my dress at the cleaners. I was very happy how fast and efficient they were. I am definitely going to recommend them to my family, friends and co-workers in the future. Also, the party was a success and I looked great!


~~ Angela Davis, Long Island City, New York

I called NYC Assistants on a Friday evening in a panic as there was a huge leak in my apartment that destroyed my carpet. My family was coming into town in two days and I needed this fixed ASAP. I called NYC Assistants and they brought in a team to clean my rug and get everything sorted within 24 hours.  When my family came everything was back to normal and they had a wonderful time without even knowing I had a crisis a few days before. They were honestly a life saver. Thanks NYC Assistants for your timely services and professional manner.


~~ Robert Daniello, Upper East Side, New York City

I use NYC Assistants every weekend. They have helped me improve my lifestyle. After a long week in the office the last thing I can think about is errands. I am a member and with my scheduled weekly assistant, I really do have the luxury to enjoy my life.   


~ Vanessa Kramer, Lower East Side, New York City